10 tips for new writers from a self-published success


It’s that time when many people look to the year ahead as an opportunity to reassess their goals. If you’re one of those who has always aspired to become a writer but don’t even know where to begin, then this list by the best-selling self-published author Mark Dawson is a good place to start. Mark’s initial venture down the traditional publishing route was a flop. Now he’s part of an entrepreneurial generation of writers who are challenging traditional models and using technology to find commercial success online. Here are his top 10 tips for new writers:

1. Write in a series

It’s easier to market a series. Readers will come back again and again for characters that they love. I wrote two standalone novels when I was getting started, and it was more difficult to find traction with those. My John Milton series features a character that readers get to know. They’re anxious to follow his adventures, and they will often chew their way through the entire series and then email me to find out when they can expect the next. …

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