10 Ways Startups Can Grow With Vine and Instagram Video


Vine and now, Instagram video are all the rage when you’re looking for laughs or sharing clips with friends

But do they have any practical application for business owners? More to the point, what can you really tell customers in just a few seconds of mobile video?

We asked a panel of 10 founders to share how they’re incorporating short video into their social media marketing — and what advice they have for others just getting started. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Engage, Don’t Just Post

doreen-blochInstagram is really popular in the beauty and personal care space, so we use it a lot at Poshly to engage with existing members and prospective users. The efficacy of social media is that it’s a two-way street; remember not just to post your own content on Vine and Instagram, but seek out users who may promote your brand or offerings themselves on the platform. When they do, make sure to comment and like the posts so that others’ know you’re engaged and actively “listening” to them. Read more…

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Via: Mashable: Marketing

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