10 YA books we want to see adapted as TV shows


Making books into movies is such old news. It’s PEAK TV which means it’s peak TV adaptations of novels to maximize screen time, revenue and #buzz.

Netflix will drop 13 Reasons Why this week and is fresh off a successful Series of Unfortunate Events release that quickly garnered a second season order. Books are all over our TVs, whether it’s HBO’s Big Little Lies or Syfy’s The Magicians or miniseries like The Casual Vacancy and Cormoran Strike in the U.K.

Adapting popular books for the small screen isn’t new — in fact, in the illustrious ’90s, it was the O.G. format for bringing page to screen, as with Goosebumps, The Baby-Sitters Club, Animorphs and other sacred texts of childhood. We’re in favor of the format’s resurgence, and have some ideas for what to adapt next… …

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