2016: The year Facebook became the bad guy


Facebook numbs us.

It’s supposed to: As an app and social network, it offers an unending feed of comforting memories, photos from friends and updates from trusted brands. (“Not enjoying pooping at work?” Let Charmin help.)

But we felt a little sting in 2016, when Facebook, despite its best efforts, became political — an institution with far more power than many of us once recognized. It was the bad guy in an era that felt like a dystopic movie.

It plotted to expand its internet service empire, giving us a glimpse into a future when the world’s largest social network administers internet access to millions (or billions) rather than ceding control to other providers. It overreacted to reports of bias in its “Trending” news feature and terminated its staff of human editors. Important media was censored on the platform. And Facebook allowed disinformation and viral hoaxes to run amok in the News Feed during a pivotal presidential election. …

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