22-year-old who United and Orbitz are suing raises $42,000 for legal fund


The 22-year-old who started Skiplagged.com, a website that reveals cheap airfares available through “hidden city” ticketing, is getting some help in his fight against United Airlines and Orbitz.

More than 2,000 people have donated more than $42,000 to Aktarer Zaman’s legal fund.

The two travel companies are suing him for $75,000 in lost income, arguing he is engaging in unfair competition.

“Hidden city” ticketing is a method for getting cheap airfare by booking a one-way ticket from one city to another, with a layover in a third. The passenger then gets off at the layover city, abandoning the rest of the trip. Because of the way airlines price different routes, the longer trip can be cheaper than the shorter one. …

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