5 Steps to Kick Your Stock Photography Habit


Back in January, the six web design trends that should disappear this year were discussed. Stock photography, or “business porn” as Brian Massey calls it, is one of them. Sadly, this epidemic still plagues countless websites, and it doesn’t look like 2013 is the year we’ll get rid of them.

Using human imagery in marketing materials is a practice that’s been researched several times at the university level. No doubt there’s a certain appeal to photos of people, and psychologists confirm that images of human faces will attract attention on a landing page.

But in a world of countless royalty-free, affordable stock photo choices, marketers have turned to stock imagery as a crutch, hastily grabbing an image off the Web rather than taking the time to develop an effective page design that will move visitors into the conversion funnel. Read more…

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Via: Mashable: Marketing

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