5 ways to make the ‘Matrix’ reboot not suck


Last night’s news that Warner Bros. wanted to resurrect The Matrix sent countless fans scrounging for a blue pill to help them escape this horrifying reality in which studios seem hell-bent on issuing reboot after reboot that nobody ever asked for.

But forgetting this reboot won’t keep it from happening. The best we can hope for is Warner Bros. won’t screw it up too much. In that light, then, we’ve got a few suggestions for Warner Bros. as to how to make their new Matrix good, or at least not totally terrible.

Part of the problem is that what felt bracingly new and original 18 years ago can’t help but feel stale now, particularly when The Matrix‘s stamp has been all over action and sci-fi cinema in that time. In fact, this month’s live-action Ghost in the Shell kinda brings the influence full circle – it’s being described as the new Matrix when the original Matrix was actually inspired by the original, animated Ghost in the Shell. Do we really need a new The Matrix to follow in the footsteps of the new Ghost in the Shell? …

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