7 data-driven ways to create better content for your campaign


What makes content great? This is a question you are likely to ask yourself when you sit down to launch your next campaign. Before you begin to type, take a second to consider some larger aspects of content strategy, and let some new research to be your guide. As we strive to create honest and authentic content, there is now new data pointing you to the specifics of what really makes your content more authentic, honest, and credible, helping you to break through the digital noise and drive the results you’re looking for with your content.

The new data also can help you prove the value of certain distribution models, bring to light the need for new tools, and show the value of content marketing over a longer time frame. So as you try to fight writer’s block in the coming months, ponder these seven data-driven points to help you create better content, distribute it more effectively, and be better able to prove the lifetime value of your content marketing efforts. …

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