A battle has begun on ‘The Walking Dead’


WARNING: This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

Count me among those who thought this week’s episode of The Walking Dead was going to be one where the entire group sits around talking about action but not really doing anything. I was wrong.

There were cookies, zombies, some strangely elegant stabbings, gun battles, and even a juicy cliffhanger that probably left you uncomfortably angry at a pregnant lady.

Yes, I admit to being angry at Maggie over what played out in the final minutes of the episode because, dammit, she should have listened to Carol when she told Maggie to stay at home. Instead, Maggie’s insistence on accompanying the larger group to invade the Savior compound got both of them captured and now the rest of the group is sort of screwed — like, I accidentally told someone I loved them screwed. …

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