A War of Open Letters Between Ukrainian and Russian Media


The heads of the four major Ukrainian media groups wrote an open letter to their counterparts in Russia earlier this week, asking their Russian colleagues to be responsible with the words they use to describe the crisis in Ukraine

“The extensive use by Russian media of such strong claims as those about fascism, anti-Semitism, ‘the hand of West’, which are rather unusual for modern deliberated journalism, have triggered Ukrainian media to respond to the Russian colleagues,” a representative from the press office of the TV Channel Ukraine tells Mashable. “In an open correspondence on social networks there is huge number of examples illustrating how the Russian population sees a principally different picture of the situation, recalling Russian news channels and media. Therefore, their Ukrainian friends have to explain the real state of affairs,” added Sergiy Tovstenko-Zabelin, Head of Communications and Public Relations, at Media Group Ukraine. …

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Via: Mashable: Media

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