Apple has a new kind of port that will help get rid of our dongles

Relax, Apple’s not dumping the Lightning plug for its iOS devices (yet).

A report from 9to5Mac stoked fears that Apple might once again switch to a new smaller, 8-pin “Ultra Accessory Port” (UAC) for iPhones and iPads after the company gave a preview of the new plug to accessory manufacturers.

The plug, which has been confirmed by The Verge to be the same 8-pin port used in Nikon cameras, is non-symmetrical and will be a part of Apple’s “Made For iPhone” (MFi) program.

But make no mistake: The UAC is not a port/plug Apple will force on users or accessory makers. Apple only added the 8-pin connector to the MFi program at the request accessory makers, …

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Via: Mashable: Gadgets

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