Apple’s new video app is part Snapchat, part iMovie and full of AI


Quick: you want to make a casual, shareable video that’s longer than 60 seconds, what app do you use?

If you’re drawing a blank (besides your phone’s stock camera app) then you may have just made the case for Clips, Apple’s new video app, which is due out in April.

At a high level, Clips is something of a cross between iMovie and Snapchat. You can edit together a series of clips (get it?) and still images into longer videos that you can stylize with filters, text overlays, graphics, and, yes, lots of emoji.

That may sound more like Snapchat than a straight-up video editor but the core features of Clips have more in common with iMovie than something Evan Spiegel would dream up. …

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Via: Mashable: Apps & Software

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