Birds hold clue to preventing sickening in-flight turbulence



SYDNEY — Australian researchers have used birds to help prevent dreaded in-flight turbulence.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s Unmanned Systems Research Team studied the natural movement of feathers and the way a bird uses them to create a system that detects disturbances in the air.

Project researcher Abdulghani Mohamed told Mashable the idea was inspired by flying birds and insects, as they are able to deal with high levels of turbulence.

“We studied the biological systems of these animals to find that avian feathers and insect hairs are used by the brains of the corresponding species to sense turbulence and correct for it,” he said. “We therefore proposed the concept of phase-advanced sensing and investigated a variety of sensors which are capable of sensing the flow disturbances before they result in an attitude perturbation.” …

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Via: Mashable: Dev & Design

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