Blizzard is being less controlling over what countries will be in this year’s ‘Overwatch’ World Cup


The Overwatch World Cup is back, but this time you get to help your country make the cut.

The 2017 Overwatch World Cup is bringing 32 teams representing 32 countries together to compete for glory once again, but this time countries are invited based on their average competitive skill rating from its top 100 players. So the more you and your fellow countrypeople have won in competitive, the better chance your country has at competing at the Overwatch World Cup this year.

In a change from last year’s World Cup, fans no longer get to directly vote for who they want to play on their country’s team. This time around, players vote on which Overwatch experts (chosen by Blizzard) will assemble the teams for them. These experts will include analysts, coaches, statisticians, and more. Only “eligible players” will be able to vote for them, although Blizzard did not share what qualifies them at the time of the announcement regarding eligibility. …

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