Bose’s Tiny Noise-Canceling Earphones Deliver Sweet, Sweet Sound


I must admit: I’m a fan of Bose‘s around-ear noise-cancelling headphones. Despite their bulk, I pack the QuietComfort 2 headset and additional AAA batteries in my carry-on for all my trips — whether they’re via planes, trains, or budget bus lines.

I still take my in-ear headset for ease of use; once I’m at my destination I don’t want to plop on big cans for a quickie phone call. The QuietComfort 20i will change that, though, since it combines Bose’s noise-canceling technology with in-ear design

The hush of Bose’s noise canceling technology is a wonderful thing. Whether it’s muting the roar of a subway or a jet engine, the hum of motor traffic, or the white noise of an office, the sound of quiet is in and of itself an improvement over standard headphones. Read more…

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Via: Mashable: Gadgets

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