Chevy FNR teases a sexy, electric, autonomous driving future


If the stunning Chevrolet FNR concept vehicle unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2015 on Sunday, is any indication, the near future of driving — or is it not driving — looks exactly like something out of your favorite sci-fi movies.

“What we did with this car is we asked the engineering team to visualize what a car will look like in 2020,” said Mike Albano, communications director for Chevrolet.


The Chevy FNR features an unusual set of dragonfly doors.

Image: Chevrolet

Fully electric and autonomous, the FNR features a hubless, magnetic wheel system with, naturally, dragonfly doors. Inside and out, the FNR is slate gray with blue LED accent lights on the wheels and in the interior. The wraparound dashboard looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a traditional car. Even the mesh seats look as if they were transported from the 22nd century. …

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