Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double ate 35 times a day to attain pecs like Thor


To achieve Greek God status, Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double had to eat a mind-blowing amount of food a day.

Bobby Holland Hanton, who has been at Hemsworth’s side since Snow White and the Hunstman, consumes 35 meals a day to get “anywhere near” Hemsworth’s size, according to Buzzfeed. Seriously.

According to Muscle and Fitness, Hanton’s diet consists of grilled chicken, turkey, spinach, natural nuts and boiled eggs. He eats every two hours.

Hanton is also a stunt double for other swole dudes of Hollywood such as Christian Bale, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and …. wait for it…. Channing Tatum.

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Via: Mashable: Entertainment

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