Chris Rock as 2005′s Oscar host wasn’t ‘too edgy.’ He was just ahead of his time


By the time comedian and filmmaker Chris Rock hosts the 2016 Academy Awards, 11 years will have passed since he last emceed Hollywood’s biggest night — kicking off his performance with a monologue about race and the film industry that, at the time, was considered too edgy, too political, too bold.

The funny thing is, though his monologue flopped in 2005, its sentiments might be exactly what next year’s Oscars ceremony needs.

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Rock’s no-holds-barred opening, which wasn’t a far cry from his usual brand of standup, broke the unspoken rule of hosting: You’re in the room, but you’re not really calling any shots for the elite glitterati. Hosts are supposed to be funny and inoffensive, while occasionally tossing in some lighthearted, shallow jabs at Hollywood’s finest. Call it the Ellen Method, or the Fallon Contingency. …

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