Coca-Cola Ginger: The new quest to spice up the humble cola

Soda companies are seemingly on a relentless quest to spice up the humble cola.

There’s been plenty of hits and misses in the thirst for a new hit. You’ll probably barely remember Pepsi Blue, or have some sort of ill-feeling toward the blunder that was New Coke.

Now, not many things get to debut in Australia, but that’s where Coca-Cola’s new flavour, Coca-Cola Ginger, has officially launched.

The drink is a limited edition release, dropping ahead of the country’s summer.

The company said in a statement that ginger is a “trending flavour” in the country, best exemplified in widely-available sodas such as Bundaberg Ginger Beer or Kirk’s Ginger Ale. …

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Via: Mashable: Marketing

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