Conspiracy theorists think an injured NBA player is another victim of Pizzagate

One of the top posts on a subreddit for Donald Trump supporters is purporting that Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut is being benched due to his opinions on Pizzagate.

Bogut, who has tweeted about Pizzagate in the past, was injured in a December 5 game and expected to miss between 10 days and a month.

This doesn’t add up to reddit’s Pizzagate conspiracy theorists, however. A post by a user named WhiteGenocideXLV claims there’s a deeper story to Bogut’s knee injury.

Image: screenshot, reddit

Commenters claim Bogut’s very real, well-documented injury and his expected time off are fabrications created by Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. They believe Bogut is being punished for …

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