Did Haier just reinvent the future of cooling?


BERLIN, GERMANY: I’ll be honest, Haier’s IFA 2015 press conference was pretty much a snoozefest, but nestled among the washing machines and safety watches that no human child would want was a remarkable bit of innovation: A compressor and motor-free Wine cooler.

I know, this sounds like it’s something just for those who love wine (which would be billions of you), but it could have far-reaching implications, even for the teetotalers out there

Here’s the idea. Haier took out the bulky, heavy and often noisy compressor necessary for cooling in virtually all refrigerators and even air conditioners and replaced it with a two-inch by two-inch by half-inch thick piece of solid-state circuitry that must be packed with tech, because even though it weighs 25 times less and is 100 times smaller than the compressor, is quite heavy for it diminutive size. …

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