Duggars wouldn’t let boys babysit after son confessed to molesting his sisters


Fox News’ Megyn Kelly sat down Wednesday with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, parents of the sprawling Duggar clan, in their first interview since the molestation allegations against their son Josh were brought to light

During the interview, Jim Bob and Michelle, whose family life is chronicled by the popular reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting, opened up about how they reacted following their son’s confessions as a teen

“Our son violated God’s principles, but yet what Josh did was not unforgivable,” Jim Bob said.

Among the revelations, the Duggars said that none of the girls Josh initially fondled realized he had molested them until they were asked because they had been asleep when the molestation occurred. Although, later in the interview, the Duggars said there were subsequent incidents when some girls were awake …

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