E3: Bungie’s ‘Destiny’ Feels Like ‘Halo’ — And That’s Great


Bungie’s next-generation open-world title Destiny is going to feel very familiar to anyone who has ever played Halo. And that’s a great thing.

Bungie and Activision gave press some hands-on time with Destiny on the PlayStation 4 before E3. We were able to explore the game world — a dark, burned-out Earth — freely with other players in this closed alpha.

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When I started the alpha, I was able to pick between three different classes: a titan, a hunter and a warlock. I then was able to pick my gender and choose between three races: a human, a blue-skinned Awoken and a robotic Exo. There were some appearance options to tweak as well, though I suspect this will be more robust at the game’s release. …

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