Ever wanted to make your own Big Kahuna burger? Here’s how


Perhaps Quentin Tarantino was an ad man in another life. After all, his films are jam-packed with product placement — albeit for products that don’t actually exist.

Take the Big Kahuna burger, most notably featured in 1994′s Pulp Fiction. The ketchup-slathered heart-stopper has long been a beloved staple of the Tarantino universe. Despite the fact fans have never had the pleasure of chowing down on one themselves.

That is, until now. A dedicated fan by the name of Andrew Rea has devised his own recipe for the burger. Featuring caramelised pineapple, onion and enough ketchup to sink the Titanic, the artery-hardener is perfect for Pulp Fiction devotees and fast foodies alike. …

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Via: Mashable: Film

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