Everybody shut up. Just let us enjoy the kids in the BBC video.


Ughhhhh, why can’t anything on the internet just be fun anymore?

You’ve probably seen the amazing video that went viral this morning of a man’s appearance on BBC being interrupted by his two hilarious children. It is pretty much the only good thing to happen on the internet in ages, and in this era of constant bad news we desperately need itWe need it so badly.

walk into the club like pic.twitter.com/Dp4rcdI0pj

— Valerie Loftus (@valerieloftus) March 10, 2017

We did get a few moments to savor the sheer joy over the goofiness of it all. THAT GIRL. THAT BADASS BABY ROLLING IN. It is all just. so. perfect. …

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Via: Mashable: Television

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