Fire-resistant bags are the latest hoverboard accessory


After fires, explosions, recalls and bans, it seems like owning a hoverboard is just testing fate. If you must, at least take some precautions.

Aiming to give hoverboard-owners a little more peace of mind, an Australian company has built the Hovervault, a product it’s marketing as a fire-resistant bag that will prevent a malfunctioning hoverboard from burning your house down. Designed to allow users to charge their hoverboard in the bag, as well as transport it, it claims to add an extra level of protection.

Hovervault’s James Stewart told Mashable Australia he was inspired to make the bag after using similar products when transporting his own hobby drones. He purchased speciality-fibreglass pouches, known as Lipo bags, after discovering many drones have lithium polymer batteries that are known to be unstable. “[The bags] basically suffocate a fire and stop it from becoming a raging inferno,” he said. …

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Via: Mashable: Dev & Design

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