Fred Armisen Saves Day as ‘Ambiance Man’ in Superhero-ish Web Series


LOS ANGELES — In YouTube series Ambiance Man, comedian Fred Armisen plays the titular character, a nontraditional Pre-Raphaelite superhero, who necessarily tweaks the ambiance of awkward, hazardous and sometimes dull situations.

In the series’ first episode, he helps a fledgling Internet couple by turning their blundering first date into a saucy introduction, and in later episodes, he accomplishes more minor tasks such as identifying odors and lighting candles.

Creator Alix Lambert’s idea for the series has been germinating for the better part of three decades — influenced by a friend’s roommate who was dubbed “Ambiance Man.” Every time the roommate would pass through the living room, Lambert said, “Ambiance Man” would light a candle or spruce up the room. Thus, a hero was born …

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Via: Mashable: Entertainment

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