Galaxy Zega is a wacky, real-world game of bumper cars for your smartphone

You can do anything in a video game: fly, teleport, battle dragons, but it’s all in a two-dimensional space. Increasingly, though, game and toy developers are trying to bridge the gap between real-world activity and what’s capable in these action packed digital games.

Galaxy Zega, from Chinese game company SmartX, is that kind of toy. It’s pitched as a “Realistic Virtual Tank War Game,” but what it really resembles is a sort of remote-control version of bumper cars, with a little strategy thrown in.

The $149 kit comes with two Bluetooth, remote-controlled tanks, a driving terrain and 16 vertical walls that you can place on the floor panels to create boundaries for your battlefield. The object of the game is to drive around, blast your opponent out of existence, gains skills and collect awards (the latter two happen on the app). …

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Via: Mashable: Gadgets

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