Google Voice to Merge Into Hangouts, Report Says


The creeping shadow that is Google+ is about to touch one of the company’s most beloved products: Google Voice.

The company’s free VoIP phone-call, texting, voicemail and voicemail-transcription product will soon merge with the Google+ Hangouts apps on both iOS and Android, leading to the complete elimination of Google Voice as a separate service, according to 9to5Mac.

Devoted users of Google Voice are already expressing concern that the change could impact the product experience in unforeseen ways, as well as drive them into deeper integration with Google+ — even if they have no particular interest in Google’s social-networking service.

Argh… seriously WTF Google.

You will not force me into G+/Hangouts no matter how hard to try. I don’t want it….

— Brian Gaudenti (@bgaudenti) March 19, 2014

NOOOOOOOOO-Google plans to kill Google Voice in coming months, integrate features into Hangouts

— Mr. Mazurek (@mrmazurek) March 19, 2014

Not relevant to non-US folks, but as someone who relies on Google Voice as my primary number, this is concerning: …

— dash (@dashgopinath) March 19, 2014

The rumored change is particularly interesting in the wake of

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