Here’s a missing ‘Westworld’ scene we wrote to fill in the show’s biggest plot hole

This piece contains spoilers for Westworld, up to and including episode 10.

Westworld‘s first season came to a close, tying together several loops, loose ends and unanswered questions.

Viewers finally learned that William and the Man in Black are in fact the same person, which has been theorized since episode 2. However, having seen William’s transformation from hero to psychopath, we have to wonder what exactly happened when he and Logan went home after their visit.

Yes, Logan’s fate in episode 10 was left undefined — William sends his future brother-in-law off into the sunset, naked and bound on top of a horse — but since Logan was last seen alive onscreen and the fact that William explained his business plans to him, we have to imagine Logan makes it out of Westworld alive. In which case, what the hell did his father and sister think about William’s time in the park? …

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