Here’s how Melissa McCarthy ended up playing Sean Spicer on ‘Saturday Night Live’


Melissa McCarthy’s uncanny impression of Sean Spicer has become a highlight of Saturday Night Live, and now she’s spilling the beans on exactly how she ended up channelling the embattled White House press secretary in the first place. (Unsurprisingly, Spicer is not a fan.)

In a new interview with USA Today, McCarthy revealed that SNL‘s co-head writer Kent Sublette was the one who initially pitched the impersonation — and she took some convincing.

“It was his idea,” she said. “He called me when he knew I was in New York, so he gets all the credit for that. At first I thought, ‘What are you talking about?’ And he’s like, ‘I just think we have to have an outlet for how so many people are feeling.’” …

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