Here’s when you can stop signing your emails with ‘best’


You know how it goes. You begin the email to your boss, colleague, client, or HR director with a proper greeting. You cross your Ts and dot your Is, and you conclude the message with a formal signature such as “Best” or “Sincerely.”

The email recipient responds with the same formality, addressing you in a standard greeting, and then writing out a couple of grammatically sound paragraphs before wrapping up the note with a similar signature; maybe it’s “Regards,” or the more casual, “Cheers.”

Since that message requires a response from you, you continue to play along with what you think is the professional way — typing out the full greeting (again), composing the body of the message, and then concluding with “All the best, [Your Name].” You continue to do this after multiple back and forths even though it eventually seems totally pointless and even a little bit awkward. …

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