‘How I Met Your Mother’ writer gives ’70s sitcom reboot a personal twist


In her first sit down with Norman Lear, writer Gloria Calderón Kellett remembers feeling trepidation about the concept that the legendary TV producer was pitching her.

It was a reboot of one of his iconic 1970s sitcoms One Day at a Time, but “reimagined” with a Cuban-American family at the core of the show.

“What do you think about doing the show like this?” he asked her.

“Honestly, I’m concerned,” was her reply.

“Why?” he asked.

“I [told Norman] my family is really important to me,” the How I Met Your Mother writer recalled in an interview with Mashable. “It’s very personal I know so many very talented comedians and friends that are Latino that have sold shows about their family, and it gets messed with in a way that makes it feel no longer theirs.” …

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