How Many Times Does a Brooklyn Record Store Have to Reinvent Itself?


Permanent Records sits on an idyllic block in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Or rather, it used to

The vinyl shop, regularly named one of New York City’s best by local news outlets like Gothamist and Time Out New York, lost its lease. Anyone walking by the store would know it, with signs screaming, “Lost our lease” and “We’re moving” through the front windows in all caps. To cement the move, store owner Marjorie Eisenberg has been ringing customers up herself the last few weeks, handing out business cards with the store’s new location.

“I’ve kind of already moved on mentally from Greenpoint,” she tells Mashable. It’s a steely and secure statement from a woman who remembers the area before it was hailed Brooklyn’s next “It” neighborhood …

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Via: Mashable: Business

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