Instagram Photos With Faces Get 38% More Likes


Instagram photos that include faces are far more likely to get likes from followers than those without, a new study suggests.

According to a report conducted at Georgia Tech, people are more drawn to photos that feature the face. In fact, of 1.1 million randomly-selected Instagram photos analyzed with face detection software, those with faces were 38% more likely to get Likes and 32% more likely to get comments

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber takes a selfie with a fan at a premiere in Los Angeles.

Image: Dan Steinberg/Associated Press

“We are naturally attracted to faces,” researcher Saeideh Bakhshi of Georgia Tech told Mashable. “We are social animals and want to see other people — it’s comforting to us and makes us safe. This is engrained in us at a very early age, when babies are looking for the support of their parents.” …

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Via: Mashable: Apps & Software

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