iRobot founder’s new drone is a rock-steady flyer


I flew a groundbreaking new drone on the roof of Mashable’s headquarters. Here’s how and why.

When drones fly fast, they tend to lean into the wind. It makes them look cool, but can wreak havoc on the stability of video from their cameras

The LVL 1 drone by CyPhy Works seeks to solve this issue with six rotors, instead of four, and custom “Level-Up” programming that forces the drone to fly level no matter the weather.

“I asked him, ‘What it would it take for you to recommend a drone to a friend, from a consumer point of view?’” said CyPhy Works founder and CEO Helen Greiner, gesturing toward Kenneth Sebesta, the LVL-1 tech lead seated next to her in my office. …

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Via: Mashable: Gadgets

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