Israeli Startup Is Finding a Way to Speed Up Crop Growth by Thousands of Years


Doron Gal has an ambitious goal: to help feed the world and to make money in the process.

Located in Moshav Sharona in Israel’s Galilee, his startup Kaiima Bio-Agritech’s goal is to use genome multiplication to increase yield potential, improve water-use efficiency and fortify plants against harsh environments.

Gal, Kaiima’s CEO, described the company’s grand vision in an interview recently while strolling through a rice field the company owns. (He said it’s the only place in Israel where rice is grown.) Kaiima, which means “sustainability” in Hebrew, is also developing technology to help enhance corn and wheat farming. Current implementations have yielded a 15 to 50% increase in production of the crops, Gal said. …

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Via: Mashable: Business

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