‘Kung Fury’ is the insane ’80s parody you need to watch right now


For the last half an hour, I’ve been watching the craziest ’80s action movie ever. Its name is Kung Fury and it was released Thursday.

Funded on Kickstarter after a successful campaign started in Dec. 2013, Kung Fury follows the eponymous title character, a bandana-adorned cop with superpowers which grant him uncanny knowledge of kung fu. He wears a leather jacket. He says a lot of cheesy one liners. And his favorite move is the punch in the nuts

The 30-minute long film, released for free on YouTube, has a simple mission: Explore every possible ’80s action movie cliche, and be as over-the-top as humanly possible. We’re not kidding about the cliches — in the first ten minutes, you’ll see a flying Lamborghini, Kung Fury’s hardass boss who wants him to “start following the rules,” tacky synthesizer music, explosions, several boomboxes, more explosions, a nerdy hacker and ninjas …

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