Let’s Talk About ‘Transformers 4′ – And What’s Really Up With the Dinobots


Editor’s note: Every week Mashable presents “Let’s Talk About,” a look back at the biggest WTF stuff from the weekend’s new releases. If you haven’t seen the movie, be warned: This is a SPOILER MINEFIELD.

This week: Let’s talk about Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

If you’ve been to a movie theater lately you may have seen a striking and enormous three-dimensional “standee.” There is Optimus Prime, the Great Leader of Men and Robots Who Change Into Cars, valiantly holding aloft his sword and riding Grimlock, a Dinobot, into battle.

I don’t care if you’ve hated every previous Transformers movie, never watched the cartoon, never hummed “The Touch” or never even entered a Toys R Us — it is likely you saw that and that conceded “yes, I’d like to know more about how this happens, please.” …

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