Louis C.K. went to Russia in 1994 to find laughter after the fall of Communism


Louis C.K. — father of two, voice of a generation, noted overeater — was honored by storytelling organization The Moth earlier this week

In typical Louis fashion, the comedian accepted his award with surprising grace, followed by a 10-minute story recounting a long, strange trip he took to Russia in 1994 at the age of 27

Alone, without knowing any Russian, Louie wandered around the frozen streets of Moscow (because obviously he went in December), experiencing the worst poverty he’d ever seen. After witnessing an encounter in the subway with a roving band of out-of-work children, Louis summed up his experience: “This is why I came here: to find out how bad life gets. And that when it gets this bad, it’s still f*cking funny. That’s all I got.” …

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