Luis Suarez Reportedly Nibbling at $120 Million Transfer to FC Barcelona


The bite felt ’round the world got Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez ejected from the World Cup — but he may now be on the way to realizing a professional dream via transfer to the iconic Spanish club FC Barcelona.

The Guardian reported the deal that Suarez’s current club, Liverpool, is nearing with Barcelona will be worth £70 million (about $120 million)The Independent pegged it at £80 million (about $137 million). Either way, the sum is what we call a truckload of money.

Unlike in American sports, soccer clubs do not swap players; instead they simply buy them from other teams and then sign them to contracts of their own. So the figures being reported by British media would be what Barcelona pays Liverpool for Suarez. He would then sign a contract for Barcelona, presumably for another truckload of money. (The latest deal Suarez signed with Liverpool just last December paid him …

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