Microsoft Reveals New Abstract Bing Logo


Microsoft has updated Bing’s logo to be tighter, more abstract and more in line with the company’s branding.

The overhaul, which includes a more abstract “B” and a switch to the Segoe font, was consciously designed to give Bing more of a visual association with its parent company. “We were heavily influenced by Swiss design with its grid layouts and strong typography, which you’re seeing across the company,” says Scott Erickson, senior director, brand and creative at Microsoft. “This is something I believe in deeply.”

Bing logo orange RGB

Don’t see the Microsoft touches? Erickson notes that the logo takes inspiration from the bottom right of the Microsoft flag “echoing its role as a platform of information for the company.” He notes that the small angular cut on the top of the ‘b’ mirrors the angle on the cut of the ‘t’ in the Microsoft logo as well. Read more…

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Via: Mashable: Advertising

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