On Twitter, People Don’t Hate Black Friday as Much This Year


Ah, Black Friday — the rush of crowds, the noise of the mall, the tug of war over the last Barbie. Who wouldn’t be thrilled about the opportunity to participate in that?

Apparently more of us feel positive about the biggest shopping day of the year in 2013 compared to this time in 2012, according to a Twitter sentiment analysis by Crimson Hexagon. Some 45% of tweets that mentioned Black Friday in the week before Thanksgiving this year were positive, compared to 38% in the same time period last year.

A quarter of all the 674,000 relevant tweets expressed excitement about Black Friday, while 19% mentioned specific sales and bargains. Negative sentiment about the day fell slightly, to 36% from 39%. And nearly half of that negative sentiment consisted of complaints about having to work on Black Friday …

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Via: Mashable: Marketing

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