PacSun Coupon Code & Gift Card Loophole: How To Save 40% With Crafty Coupon Combinations

PacSun 2013 Coupon Codes & Gift Card Loophole
Who doesn’t love PacSun?  Living in Miami, you’ll find me in shorts’n flip flops 95% of the time, making me a regular shopper of the brand.

I just stumbled upon an exceptionally crafty combination of PacSun coupon codes & discounted electronic gift cards that I wanted to share with anyone else that dug the brand as much as I do.

Right now, CouponMate is featuring the following deal:

PacSun: Save 20% On Your Order of $100 or More. Plus, Receive Free Shipping. – [highlight color="yellow"]Use Coupon Code: RMN20. Expires 9/30/13.[/highlight]

When combined with the instantly discounted electronic gift cards offered by CardPool (see above), you can actually manage to get 40% off your purchase price when you spend more than $100.

Score!  Yeah, you’re welcome.


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