Pixie turns finding your lost items into an AR game


LAS VEGAS — Remember the Pokémon Go craze? Now, imagine actually doing something useful instead of hunting little imaginary creatures. For example, finding your lost keys.

A new solution for finding lost things, called Pixie, doesn’t look very different from similar gadgets: It’s a guitar pick-like device that attaches to your keys, cat or whatever it is that you keep losing. But instead of merely beeping, it lets you pinpoint its exact location, augmented reality-style.

Once you’ve attached your Pixie Points (which is what the pick-like things are called), you fire up the Pixie up on your iPhone (Android is not supported at this time) and you can see how far they are from you. Tap one, point the phone’s camera toward its general location and Pixie will actually mark the item you’re looking for with a big “X.” …

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Via: Mashable: Gadgets

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