‘Pokémon Go’ launches in Singapore but cheaters are ruining it for everyone


Pokémon Go‘s only been in Singapore for half a day, but cheaters are already ruining the experience for everyone.

The record-breaking mobile game finally hit the city state on Saturday after players waited a month since the game’s debut in North America and Australia.

But tap on any of the gyms and you’ll see them occupied by powerful Pokémon of around 2000 CP, and trainers at level 30 or more.

Image: mashable screen grab


Given that the game’s only been here since early morning, it’s a pretty safe bet that many of these players have been levelling up over the past month by employing a number of workarounds. One of those is GPS spoofing, which feeds a different GPS location to the software, so it thinks you’re in another country. …

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Via: Mashable: Gaming

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