Redditors planning to hide hundreds of 3D-printed toys in citywide scavenger hunt

Let’s play a game — and include an entire city.

That’s the idea behind one Reddit post that proposed building a citywide scavenger hunt in San Francisco with hundreds of 3D printed toys.

The man behind the post is Ben Baltes, a 25-year-old software developer who is a co-founder of a 3D printing toy start-up in Oakland. In a phone call Monday with Mashable, Baltes said he’s been thinking about the project for about two years and is framing it as “more of an experiment than a game.”

He a core group of game planners, have settled on calling it “Hidden City” and are serious about making it happen. Baltes posted the idea on Reddit last Tuesday and said if he got more than 150 “up-votes” he’d continue planning. In less than a week he’s received more than 400 votes. …

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Via: Mashable: Gaming

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