‘Riverdale’ finally starts revealing its secrets in episode 4


The following recap contains spoilers from Season 1, episode 4 of Riverdale, titled “The Last Picture Show.” Refresh your memory with our recap of episode 3.

Despite all earlier misgivings, it turns out that Riverdale didn’t change Miss Grundy (Sarah Habel) after all! The real Geraldine Grundy actually was an old woman, white hair pinned back in an up-do and all, just like in the comics … but she died seven years ago.

So who is Riverdale’s young, hot, heart-shaped-glasses-wearing music teacher with an affinity for teenage boys?

“The Last Picture Show” uncovers the truth about Archie’s (KJ Apa) current flame a lot sooner than expected. After last week’s cliffhanger, Betty (Lili Reinhart) is on the warpath trying to figure out just what is going on with her BFF and the high school music teacher. …

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