Russia’s English-Language TV Channel: We’re Biased and So Are You


RT, the Russian government-funded English-language television channel, presents its country’s view of the world

So, it claims, does every other broadcaster. RT is just honest enough to admit it.

“Media outlets do not exist in a vacuum. Can you really expect any American corporate-owned news network to report a story in a way that goes against the U.S. national interest? Or Euronews to not advocate [European Commission] positions?” said Margarita Simonyan, who has led the editorial side of RT since its inception in 2004 as Russia Today.

The Ukranian conflict has put RT in the spotlight like never before in its nine-year history. RT portrays its coverage as reflective of the Russian perspective on this topic. Some U.S. news media outlets charge RT is merely disseminating propaganda and oddball stories like action star …

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