‘Scandal’ reveals Jake’s fate


According to the rules of television, if a death is shown off screen, or not carried out to its full resolution — then the character isn’t really dead

That is to say, Jake is not dead

Close call

But only barely. The vicious attack by Russell left him in bad shape. Luckily, Russell missed major arteries

Unluckily, he managed to hit a lung

Walk into the office. Normal day. Make coffee. Flip on the conference room lights. Surprise! Bloody Jake laying on the table#Scandal

— Aly (@tsansmerci) April 24, 2015

Liv knows they can’t just waltz into the ER without her father finding out that Jake’s not dead, so they find a makeshift Russian doctor. He’s not after megabucks, though. He wants Olivia to fix a situation for his retired assassin friend (“Black Sable”). …

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